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Action packed fighting arena game based on blockchain base. Powered by $EBA.
In summary, we are developing a fascinating, stunning and impressive retro-futuristic auto battle game where players can:
Duel: Participate in exciting PVE and PVP duels and tournaments.
Win and Earn: Earn tokens, buy/sell items, fight in the arena and earn profits.
Upgrade: Buy, customize and upgrade NFT.

Long-term Vision

First of all, Epic Battle Arena is an MMORPG game. So what is MMORPG?
MMO: Called "Massively multiplayer online games". It is the favorite game group of people who like to play with other people instead of playing alone.
RPG: The majority of RPG games take place in medieval-like, unconnected imaginary realms without weapons. The main goal is to improve your character by getting new features or dressing up with new clothes and costumes.
We also strongly believe in decentralization. We will implement a DAO governance model in phase 2 of game development so that our players and $EBA token holders can influence their decisions on the MMORPG gameplay direction and Epic Battle Arena structure.
Our vision for Epic Battle Arena is to build a bridge between NFT owners and non-NFT owners. As Epic Battle Arena, we will go down in history as an NFT P2E game where everyone can join the game without buying NFT.
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